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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Concert Overture

Skalitz 1403 / Talmberg Theme / Lady Steph And Henry / Sigismund Army At The Gates / Dream / About Father / Brotherhood Of Bravery

Formation :
 Orchestra (Solo Voice, Chorus (SATB)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Composer : VALTA, Jan

Level : 5
(1 to 2+ = easy / 3 to 4 = medium / 4+ to 6 = difficult)

Length : 11'56

Ed. Number : EMR 55015

Availability : in stock

Price : 190.00 CHF / 165.20 €  (about 203 USD)

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Kingdom Come-Deliverance is a video game whose story is set in Bohemia in the year 1403. You play the game as Henry, the son of a blacksmith who has lost everything: his parents, his home and his honour. Throughout the adventurous story, you seek revenge, but you also try to find your place in this intricate world.
This game was developed by Warhorse Studios, founded by Daniel Vávra and Martin Klíma, legendary Czech game developers. In 2014, Daniel invited me to his team as the main composer. It was a long and exciting journey not only for Henry, but for all of us. But at the end, there was a game which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide up till now.
The game soundtrack consists of more than 6 hours of music. I am very happy to present my selection of the most important extracts. I believe it will bring back great memories to those who played the game, and I hope it will also please those who haven't.
Jan Valta
Warhorse Studios
For more information about Kingdom Come: Deliverance go to www.kingdomcomerpg.com

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Concert Overture
Composer: Jan Valta
Performed by: Filmova filharmonie (Filmharmonie)
Conductor: Chuhei Iwasaki
27. 1. 2019 Rudolfinum - Prague, Czech Republic

This work is published by
Editions Marc Reift

EMR 55015: Orchestra
EMR 55015Sc : Orchestra (Score only)

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