Cinemagic 31-40 (10 CDs) Cinemagic 41-50 (10 CDs) Cinemagic 11-20 The Greatest Movie Collection Cinemagic 1-10 Cinemagic 21-30 The Last Of The Mohicans We are pleased to present our FLEXI-BAND series for small groups or bands, and our FLEXI-BRASS for any small brass ensemble.<br />All the titles we offer are ideal for small bands who lack certain instruments, for light programmes and music camps for instance.<br />All the parts are available in all possible transpostitions for woodwind, brass and strings.

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Les Dits de l'Arc-en-Ciel Les Dits de l'Arc-en-Ciel
MOUREY, Colette
Collection Colette Mourey

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3 Songes des Lilas de l'Ile aux Fées / 3 Métamorphoses de la Résurgence 3 Songes des Lilas de l'Ile aux Fées / 3 Méta[...]
MORUEY, Colette
Clarinet & Harpsichord (Clavecin)

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Harpsichord (Clavecin) & Bass Electric Guitar (2 titles)

Harpischord (Clavecin) & Clarinet (2 titles)

Harpsichord - (Clavecin) & Harpe (3 titles)

Harpsichord - Clavecin (20 titles)

Harpischord (Clavecin) & Orchestra (1 title)